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Homeowner Insurance

Tons of Carrier to compare Free Policy Comparison Review of Coverages Annual Assessment
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Automobile Insurance

Tons of Carrier to Compare Free Policy Comparison Review of Coverages Annual Assessment
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Commercial Liability

Tons of Carrier to Compare Free Policy Comparison Review of Coverages Annual Assessment

Home Insurance

Understanding your policy and carrying adequate coverage is essential in lessening your out of pocket expense in the event of a loss

Auto Insurance

Here is a quick reference in understanding Auto Insurance and most common kinds of coverages.

Business Insurance

The success of a business, whether it’s a small venture ran out of your home or a large corporation, is largely dependent on hard work and creativity

We live where you live.

Finding the right insurance coverage for your home, car, personal possessions or business is just as important as accurately filing your tax return, planning your financial future, or getting legal advice

  • Homeowner Insurance

    For Florida Homeowners, insurance protection is an important aspect of homeownership. Buying home insurance means buying protecting both you and your home.

    Whether you currently own a home or are a prospective buyer, you can get a
    Free Florida Homeowners Insurance quote today.

  • Automobile Insurance

    It is a contract between you and your insurer in which you pay the insurance company a certain amount of money and, in return, the company will protect you from major financial losses due to an auto accident for a given period of time.

    Whether you currently own an automobile or are a prospective buyer, you can get a Free Auto Insurance quote today.

  • Commercial Insurance

    Laurenza Insurance Group offers commercial auto insurance (e.g., truck insurance) policies to protect against liabilities for property damage and bodily injury.

    You can’t control what people do behind the wheel, but you can give yourself optimum protection with a sound insurance policy.

    Florida commercial auto insurance insures your vehicles for physical damage and liability coverage for amounts, situations and usage not covered by a personal auto policy.

    This type of business insurance covers a variety of vehicles and is also referred to as commercial car insurance, truck insurance, or fleet insurance.

    Whether you currently own a business or are a prospective business owner, you can get a Free Commercial Auto Insurance quote today.

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About Us

Welcome to Laurenza Insurance Group for more than 8 years, Laurenza Insurance has been providing valuable insurance coverages and services to home and auto owners, as well as business owners, throughout the Florida.

Laurenza Insurance Group is a relationship-based company with core values that emphasize excellence, integrity, and responsibility. Our vision is to be the company of choice for policyholders, associates and agents..

Laurenza Insurance Group is proud to be based in Orlando, FL and support our local and state communities.

I am pleased to be a part of an organization that places such high value on relationships, excellence, integrity, and responsibility.

Joe Laurenza

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

To provide peace of mind to our customers through sound insurance and exceptional service.

Our Core Values:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Our Vision:

To be the company of choice for our policyholders, associates and agents